Luggage Allowances

An American Airline Company


Each passenger may take a total of two (2) checked bags with a combined weight of 100 pounds total with each bag weighing no more than 50 lbs and measures no more than 62 linear inches (length + width + height) without incurring any additional charges. Any bag over 50 lbs will be charged excess fees as below. No bags over 70 lbs will be accepted for carriage. See BAGGAGE EXCESS CHARGES BELOW


On an Apple Vacations charter, USA3000 Airlines baggage allowance is limited to two bags weighing no more than 50 pounds total together. Passengers are urged to consult with their tour operator to determine the extent of liability coverage before they travel. USA3000 Airlines encourages the purchase of separate travel insurance for your vacation!

BAGGAGE EXCESS CHARGES (applied per Section)

Additional Bag $50.00 (weight not to exceed 50 pounds)
Excess weight over 50 lbs – $50
Golf Bags $50 (as an item over two checked bags)
Surfboards / Boogie boards $50 (over 50 lbs – $100 charge applies)
Windsurfer $50 (over 50 lbs – $100 charge applies)
Bicycle $50


Carry on luggage is limited to one piece that must fit under the seat and one personal item (computer, pocketbook, briefcase, etc.). Carry on baggage MUST fit in a space no larger than 24″ x 14″ x 10″. If a carry on does not fit into the sizer box of USA3000, it must be check and you may be charged accordingly. We do not accept liability for damage sustained to carry-on items under your control.


It is strongly urged that you carry all valuables (jewelry, etc) and medications or prescriptions onboard the aircraft with you. DO NOT place them in your checked luggage.


USA3000 Airlines is not responsible for sporting equipment such as golf clubs, their cases and bags, surfboards and musical instruments.
USA3000 Airlines is not responsible for the loss or damage to articles, which are strapped, fastened or otherwise secured to the outside of your bag.
USA3000 Airlines is not responsible for the delay, loss or damage of the following items in checked luggage: cash, negotiable papers or documents, prescription medications, jewelry, business documents, computers, electronics and associated accessories, cellular telephones, cameras and other audio/visual equipment.

USA3000 Airlines does not assume responsibility for any item improperly packed and susceptible to loss or damage.