Las Vegas Beyond the Gambling Experience: Exciting Things to Do

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Las Vegas Beyond the Gambling Experience: Exciting Things to Do

Las Vegas may be known as the world’s Sin City, but there’s more to this vibrant and colorful city than just the gambling and partying experience! If you’re looking for a new kind of adventure when you’re in Las Vegas, here are some of the things to do you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Relive Las Vegas history

A history buff would have a blast in Las Vegas’ history by exploring the various museums in the city. You name it, Las Vegas has it! From car museums to a neon museum, the mob museum, a Titanic exhibition, railroad museum, and even weirder ones like an erotic museum and even an atomic testing museum.

2. Go nature tripping

If you’re more about nature trips and adventures, exploring nature’s beautiful creation that is the Grand Canyon can be a relaxing experience. There are so many options to explore the Grand Canyon. You can either join a helicopter tour or take a more up close experience with a luxury bus tour. If you’re up for it, cruise along the Colorado River and wander along the glass walkway at the Canyon floor.

3. Experience the city beyond casinos

Even if you’re in the heart of the city, there are so many things to explore beyond casinos and most of it is free too! Check out the Lake of Dreams and watch the captivating water and light show at night. Gondola rides aren’t only possible in Venice, because at the Venetian hotel, you can ride in one! At last Vegas, you can be in two places at one day, Venice during the day and Paris during the night courtesy of The Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower. While you’re in the city, you should never miss out on the breathtaking fountain show of the Bellagio.

4. Watch the best shows and concerts

At Las Vegas, entertainment is overflowing everywhere! When you’re visiting the city, make sure to check what’s currently showing in town and watch it! From concerts of your favorite artists, magic shows by the most amazing illusionists, Cirque de Soleil, theatrical plays, to musicals, you name it, Las Vegas has it!

5. Eat, drink, shop, shop, shop, and be merry

Las Vegas redefines buffet, and it’s high time you should try it. Satisfy your gustatory cravings at the Wynn’s buffet or the Wicked Spoon, and feast on the widest selection of menus deliciously prepared for their patrons. If you’re out for foodie adventures, visit Las Vegas’ Chinatown and taste the best Chinese dishes from hot pots to traditional regional dishes. Then sip on coldest cocktails at the ice lounge while relaxing to great music and vibe. From luxury brands to boutique retail shops, buy to your heart’s content at Container Park.

At Las Vegas, gambling isn’t a requirement if you’re visiting! There’s so much more about the Sin City that will captivate and beholden you so make sure to explore and enjoy!